Boston College Legal Assistance Bureau (BCLAB)

The Boston College Legal Assistance Bureau (BCLAB) is a community legal services office housed within the Center for Experiential Learning. LAB provides cases and clients for students in the Civil Litigation, Community Enterprise, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Housing, Juvenile Rights, Immigration and Ninth Circuit practice areas—a law firm within a law school, where clinical faculty offer close supervision as experienced attorneys to students working in the field as apprentices.

Originally founded in 1968, LAB was a pioneer in the field and has served as a model for programs around the country. LAB gives students the opportunity to hone their lawyering skills in the real world – they represent clients with a variety of legal problems (including small business launches). Students are certified to represent clients in every aspect of litigation, including appearing in court and at federal and state administrative hearings. Additional staff includes a clinical social worker, an intake coordinator, and administrative assistants. The Center for Experiential Learning provides students with comfortable individual workspace, conference rooms, access to approved pleadings, and the latest technology. Satellite office space also exists in several local community locations.