EB 5 Jobs for Massachusetts

EB 5 Jobs for Massachusetts is is a Boston-based company. They have been doing our best to fulfill our corporate mission to serve our investor and developer clients. In their geographic scope, which covers the entire state of Massachusetts, they can create jobs in the following industries: Health Services, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Casinos, Restaurants, Construction and Technology.

EB5MA partners or affiliates with reputable developers and businesses, providing access to EB-5 capital to be deployed in qualified job-creating ventures, providing local economic stimulus through both capital infusion and the resulting job creation. EB5MA provides valuable services to its investor clients such as administrative services, conducting quarterly project site visits, closely monitoring the development progress and job creation, and reporting such activities to the USCIS on an annual basis.


For more information please contact:

Robert Fox

EB-5 Jobs for Massachusetts, Inc.

Executive Vice President

Project Development Manager


170 Milk St., 4th Floor

Boston, MA 02109